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Password Tips

Paybook allows you to use a passphrase instead of just a password. This helps you increase the number of characters in your password while allowing you to more easily remember it. For example, “Paybook is #1 all the way!” is exponentially more secure than “Password1” and far easier to remember than “Zk$!M7!e”.

When creating or changing a Password, you should:

Add spaces between letters and words. For example, instead of “PaybookIsAwesome!”, try “Paybook Is Awesome!” or instead of "password", try "pa ss wo rd".

Combine letters, numbers and special characters.

Use uppercase and lowercase letters.

Aim for at least 10 characters. The longer, the better.

Change the spelling of words. For example, “password” can become “passwurt”.

Change your Passphrase regularly.

Your password should NOT:

Contain your name or Paybook ID

Be a common phrase, famous quote or song lyrics.

Be the name of your relatives or friends.

Be your phone number or address.

Be a birthday or anniversary date.

NOTE: Our lawyer wanted us to remind you to please not use any examples used here as your passphrase!

How do I recover my password?

To recover your password, enter PayBook’s site and follow the next steps:

Click on the “Cannot access your account?” link. This will take you to the password recovery site.

Type your email or username.

Select the option “I’m not a robot”. It is possible that reCAPTCHA will activate to verify you are not a robot. Verify your identity selecting the images you are asked.

Once you verify your identity, the “Recover password” button will become active. Click the button. A message confirming an email has been sent to your account will appear.

You will receive a Paybook email with the subject “Reset your password”. If you cannot find the mail, check your Junk or Spam folder.

The mail will show a link to reestablish your password. Click on it.

The link will direct you to the PayBook password change website. Choose a new password, and enter it into the assigned fields.

Make sure both passwords coincide and the chosen password status is ‘’Strong’’. The app will indicate this.

One your passwords coincide, the button ‘’Create” will become active. Click on it.

All done! Now you will be able to use your new password in Paybook.

How do I change my password?

To change your password, follow these instructions:

Log in to your Paybook account.

Go to the gear icon or “Settings” via the left menu.

Click on “Account Settings” andl select "Change Password" under the “Personal Information” panel.

Type in your old password, your new password, and then confirm the new password. Then click “Save”.

Done and done, and remember to never share your password with anyone, especially if they seem sketchy!

NOTE : For security measures you are prompted to enter your current passphrase before changing to a new one.

Updated on: 14/02/2020

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