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How to create a Paybook account

Sign up through your social media accounts

From our website,, select the “Sign Up” button.

Click either on the “Continue with Facebook” button or “Continue with Google” button.

Depending on which social media account you choose, the next screen will vary, but the gist is that you will grant us access to some of the information from your social media account to reduce the info you have to fill out on out signup form. Click confirm.

You’re almost there! Just fill the Regional configuration and click next.

You’re in!!!

NOTE : Paybook will not be able to post or read your social media account in any way or form.

Sign up using email

From our website,, select the “Sign Up” button.

Enter a valid email.

Prove your humanity by checking the “I’m not a robot” captcha.

Click the button to continue.

According to our calculations, you should be receiving an email right about when you reach this step (we’re really smart). Please check both your inbox and your spam folder.

Confirm your email, and you will be redirected to our site where you can finish the process by filling the forms with your information. Once you’re done just click next.

You’re done and are now a Paybooker!!!

Tip : Having a Paybook account grants you access to all our apps and also lets you create profiles not only for yourself but also for your businesses/organizations.

Updated on: 14/02/2020

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