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General Account Settings

Configuring your Global Preferences

These are the settings that will be set across all the Paybook apps (each profile has their own global preferences).


It’s the secret code that lets you join the Paybook family every time you log in.

To change your password please read these instructions

Regional Preferences

Here you can set how your Paybook apps will be displayed:

"Language" allows you to change how the app will display all the information (those Duolingo lessons will come in handy if you want to display the interface in Spanish).

“Country” lets you select your current location, or if you’re a jet-setter, your home country.

“Currency” will let you display your balances in the desired currency (this can be overwritten by your PayBook settings or set differently on manual transactions).

“Time zone” (our developers thought it would just be neat to know at what time you purchased that Starbucks coffee).

Updated on: 14/02/2020

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