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A PayBook is a folder in which all your transactions belonging to the same theme are stored. Within Paybook, there are 3 different types of PayBooks:

Predetermined PayBooks, which include the categories in which your transactions from linked accounts are automatically classified.

Automatic PayBooks that Paybook will create according to your purchase history and consumer behavior.

PayBooks you create yourself, which can be customized to your personal taste.

How do automatic PayBooks work?

When you make a payment with any of your credit or debit cards linked with Paybook, the app identifies certain establishments or brands and creates an automatic PayBook. For example, when you make a purchase at Starbucks, Paybook will create a PayBook with the name and logo of that company within the “Vendors” PayBook theme, and all future purchases from that brand will be automatically tagged in the same PayBook. In the same way, as you use and tag your transfers, Paybook will remember your preferences for categorization.

Create PayBooks

So you’ve decided to create your first PayBook.

First you need click on the “+” button on the top right corner this will grant you access to the quickadd menu, here you will need to select what theme is your PayBook.

Once you’ve chosen a good fit for a theme you can customize it by adding a cover, just click on the “Add cover image“ button, and select a file from your computer (although we have a compression algorithm we recommend a not humongous image as it might take you a while to upload)

Be creative and add a nice recognizable name for your new PayBook

Select the currency in which the PayBooks transactions will be displayed

Need to share the blame of all your financial downfalls, great add the email or Paybook username and we’ll let them know (you can let them contribute with transactions or just let them see your mad genius at work)

Click next and you’ll be done

To see your brand new and shiny PayBook you can access it through the left screen menu on the section mysteriously called PayBooks, you can find it inside the theme you chose, so say i created a Vehicles theme PayBook called “My cool car“ you then will find it in the Vehicles theme, now go and have fun you crazy kids.

Edit or remove PayBooks

Did you upload the wrong image to a PayBook and now all the kids are laughing at you? Where you messing with the currency to see if we had it available and forgot about it until and now all your transactions are in bitcoin and it makes no sense? That’s way too relatable, and here are some tips to change it back.

To change the cover image of your PayBook:

Just navigate to the desired PayBook and on the Overview tab (by default it’s the first tab you’ll see) you will see the cover image and the button to change it labeled “Change cover“

To modify the rest of your settings:

Navigate to the desired PayBook and click on the Settings tab (it is the last one on the right), here you can change the Name and Currency

If the PayBook is no longer useful to you; there is an option at the bottom of the settings tab where the “Delete“ button is located (clicking it will prompt a confirmation so you can be safe it will not be deleted by mistake)

NOTE: Deleting a PayBook will not delete the transactions it contains it will just “un-tag“ them from said PayBook, unless the PayBook you deleted was an Account theme PayBook.

Updated on: 17/04/2020

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