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Link Financial Accounts

How do I link my bank accounts?

When you create your account, Paybook asks you automatically to link a bank account. You may link as many accounts as you wish at any moment.

From your Paybook desktop app, deploy the “+” menu (Add).

Select the “Account” icon. The following screen will open:

Select your country. Depending on which country your bank is located the procedure might change a bit, but not enough that the experience may get tarnished, and that's a Paybook promise!

Select your bank. Your username and password will be asked. They are the same you use for electronic banking. It may take several minutes to contact your bank.

Your Paybook account will now show your bank account information.

Why hasn’t my bank account been updated?

Giving you the best financial control is the most important for Paybook, but we also want to make your user experience the best.

Sometimes your bank transactions may take up to a couple of days to get updated, depending on the financial institution you are using. Paybook is a financial visualizer, and updates its information through your online banking, that is why our updating times depend completely on your financial institution.

If more than 2 days have passed and your account hasn’t been updated, please contact us to make sure everything is working the way it should be.

What do I do if Paybook won’t let me link my bank account?

Paybook allows you to have financial control by consolidating all your personal bank accounts, no matter the bank, in a single place. Paybook synchronizes with your bank accounts using your online banking service access, so if you have any issues linking your account, the first step you should take is verifying that your bank account access information is correct and up-to-date.

Reenter your account details making sure they are correct and try to link again.

If you are sure the information is correct and the problem persists, take note of the error thrown and contact us.

Can I make bank movements through Paybook?

Paybook works only as a categorizer and visualizer for your bank accounts to help you have control of your expenses. There is no possibility of doing any transfer, payment or any other bank movement through the app. So, breathe! Paybook is a safe platform.

If something is not working properly or you would like to get more information regarding anything in the platform please do so by clicking the "?" button at the bottom right of the app or drop us an email , we're here for you!

Updated on: 13/03/2020

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