Setting Up a Business

Whether you work for one company, own a few, or have many clients whose finances you handle, Glass allows you to smartly manage all your businesses with just a few clicks so you can focus on what matters most.  


Creating a Business Profile 

By default, when you first sign up for Glass, you're taken to your Personal Profile where you can manage your individual finances, but it's easy to add one or multiple businesses.  

01 - Hover on your avatar or username and select "Add Profile" from the menu.  


02 - Enter your profile name and choose the default currency you'd like to use for your business.  Screen_Shot_2017-05-23_at_10.29.32_AM.png


03 - Add a profile avatar and cover image.

We encourage you to add company logos and cover images for easy identification and a nicer visual experience.  Change your avatar by clicking on the circular image or the cover image by clicking on the edit button and then browse for your file.  Paybook accepts JPG and PNG files.  


 04 - Click the "Add Profile" button when you're finished.  


 Adding Accounts

Once your profile is created, get started in no time by connecting to financial institutions, government agencies and utility service providers or manage cash and other accounts and transactions manually.  It's up to you.

  1. Add Financial Accounts:  Connect bank and credit card accounts for up-to-date transactions every time you log in.  
  2. Connect to the SAT:  Register businesses using SAT credentials. We’ll automatically import all inbound and outbound e-invoices daily!

Once you get started, you'll see how effortless it is to manage your finances within Paybook.  And if you ever need guidance, we're just a click or call away.  


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