How do I share a PayBook on Glass Personal?


To share a PayBook you need to access the PayBooks section that’s on your desktop, from which you can see all the existing PayBooks in your account. Within this section, select the PayBook you wish to share.

A screen will open showing the details of that PayBook. Click on “Share PayBook”.

A screen will open showing all the options for sharing; inside of it you must select the e-mail of the person with whom you wish to share it, as well as the role that user will have inside your PayBook.

The role defines the level of access and may be read-only (guest mode) or content modification (user mode).

User mode allows you to add transactions to the PayBook that’s being shared, as well as adding new labels to the transactions belonging to another user.

Guest mode allows the user with which you are sharing to see all sections of the PayBook, but it does not allow them to add or modify content. Learn more about the levels of collaboration here.

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