What if I find a bug or issue?

If you stumble across some bugs, let us know so we can squish them ASAP!  You can also check out our community forum to see if the issue is already known and has a status update.  

01- Click on the Screen_Shot_2017-05-09_at_5.55.44_PM.png  button found on the lower right hand corner of every screen, and select Report an Error from the menu (feel free to click on Chat instead if you'd like to speak directly with a friendly Customer Care agent).



02- You'll then be able to highlight specific areas of the screen you would like our team to focus on as well as black out any sensitive data you prefer to keep private.  


Just select the Highlight or Blackout button and click and drag your mouse across the screen to administer the proper shading.


03- Fill out a detailed description about the problem you encountered.  


That's it!  We'll follow up with you via email if we need further clarification and to let you know when your issue has been resolved.  

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