Configuring your Global Profile & Preferences

Manage your global Paybook account and preferences in one place.  


To access your Account Settings, hover over your username or image in the main navigation bar...


Then click on Settings.  


Managing your Paybook account


01-  Change your profile and cover photos by clicking on the circular profile image or the Edit Cover button for the cover photo and browsing for your file.  Paybook accepts JPG and PNG files.  Note: Your global avatar and cover photo will also be those associated with your Personal Glass profile.


Your Profile Info

We want to learn a little more about you so we can provide better advice and solutions to meet your needs. Rest assured, your personal, identifiable information isn’t sold or shared and is totally optional.  



Your Account Settings

Change your primary e-mail address or passphrase by clicking on the edit icon.


Click here for more about passphrase tips & best practices.


System preferences  

Paybook captures your regional information to default the way your information pulls in and to provide better support. To change your default preferences from within Settings, scroll down to the Regional Preferences section and select your preferred language, time zone, country and currency. 


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