Adding Manual Accounts

Manually manage cash and financial accounts.  



01- Click the + Add Accounts button or select the Quick Add icon and then choose the Accounts button.  


Choose "Manual" from the Add Account tab. 



03- Enter the account information.  All accounts require a name, account type, initial balance, currency and ask if you want to include them in your totals.  

Note: Because this type of account is manual, every income or expense transaction should be tracked against it if you include it in your totals so your assets aren’t overstated and/or liabilities understated.  If you simply want to track SOME of your transactions to capture the categories or tags, we suggest you select NO when asked if you want the account to be included in your totals.

04- Click "Add Account" when you are finished.    

05- View the Account. Your account will now appear in the Accounts section of the Dashboard.

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