Enabling & Disabling Accounts

Decide which accounts you'd like to manage within Glass. 


Enabling & disabling newly linked accounts. 

Enabling your accounts:  When you first link a financial institution to Glass, you must activate the accounts you want to manage.  By enabling your accounts, Glass can grab read-only summary and transactional data from your institution so it can be organized and analyzed.  We suggest enabling all accounts to get the most accurate picture of your finances.    

Disabling newly linked accounts: When you deactivate an account, Glass won't retrieve the transactional data from your institution.  


Enabling & disabling existing accounts. 

For accounts that have already been enabled that you'd like to disable or for accounts that you disabled and want to now enable, you must manage them in Account Settings.  

If you disable an account that was once active, it will be hidden from view, but you can still enable it again with all your changes and tags saved if you ever want to reference past transactions.


01- Go to Account Settings by clicking on Settings icons in the left panel.

 You'll see the individual accounts for each financial institution as well as the created date and the date when the data was last updated.



02- Toggle the on/off button on the right next to the accounts you would like to activate or deactivate.


Any newly enabled accounts will be visible on the Dashboard while any disabled accounts will no longer be visible.  

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