How to eliminate a transaction through my iPhone.

In Glass we know that in your financial operations it’s important to be able to add or eliminate transactions whenever you want or need to.

To eliminate a transaction just follow the next steps:

1.In your mobile desktop, under your profile picture, you’ll find a switch menu. Select Transaction.

  1. All your transactions will be displayed in a list mode. Select the transaction that you want to eliminate.


3.Once you selected the transaction you want to erase, choose Delete. Your transaction will be eliminated.


NOTE: Remember that only manual transactions can be deleted. The automatic transaction one your linked accounts can’t be eliminated individually. However, you can deactivate or delete a linked account and eliminate all the transactions of that account. Find out more here.

Keep on taking control over your finances creating all the transactions you need. Still, don’t know how? Click here to find out more.

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