How to publish a PayBook or my full profile on Glass Social from my iPhone.

Glass Social is the best place to manage your finances in a transparent and safe manner, and share your information with whomever you want. You can publish full profiles, or you can choose which Paybook, or PayBooks, you want to make public. Just follow these steps:

1.Make sure you are logged in on the profile that you want to make public, or where the PayBook or PayBooks you want to publish are located.


  1. Select the blue icon, with the world sign, located on the bottom left of your screen.


  1. Under the Discover section, you’ll find all the published profiles, shared by other Glass users. Select Publish, located on the top right of your screen.


4.Select Begin.

  1. Glass by default will select your whole profile to publish, however by choosing a single or multiple PayBooks, this default selection will be deactivated. Select the PayBook or PayBooks you want to make public, or leave your complete profile selected, depending on your publishing preferences. Click on continue.

WhatsApp_Image_2018-01-08_at_14.57.27.jpeg           WhatsApp_Image_2018-01-08_at_14.57.28_1_.jpeg

6. A new screen will open so you can check your information before publishing; you will also need to provide a short description of the material that is going to be published. Once you are satisfied, click on Continue.


  1. A preview of your Social profile will open; if you are satisfied with it, click on Continue.


  1. Done! Your Social Profile has been published. Now you can find it with all the other published profiles on the Discover section.



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