What is the difference between a PayBook, a category and a label?

Glass gives you different functions to ease your financial management. PayBooks, categories and labels are used to organize and bundle your transactions in order to make it easier to see your expenses.

Imagine PayBooks as folders in which to place your bank movements. Within each PayBook that Glass has by default (Home, Vehicles, Businesses, etc) you may create and personalize additional PayBooks; like putting a folder inside another. Find more information about PayBooks here.

Categories are those which manage your transactions into more general themes. There also exist subcategories so you have an even more exact control of expenses and income. Categories are also predetermined, however, you may personalize them to fit your needs.

Labels, on the other side, help you classify your transactions within your personalized PayBooks in a quicker way. You may label a transaction the moment you add it or do it from your list of transactions. 

Glass eases your financial management so you can customize and order your transactions in a way that better fits you. You can start right here!


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