Can I divide one transaction in several PayBooks?

In Glass, we want to make your financial control easier and clearer for you. We know that sometimes one transaction involves different areas of your life; Glass allows you to use several tags in one transaction.

Using different tags in one transaction is done through your PayBooks, in this way you’ll be able to find one transaction in different categories at the same time.

For example, if you purchase an electrical appliance in your favorite store, that transaction can be tagged to be placed in the PayBook under the name of the store, and in the Household PayBook.

You can even add receipts or documents to that transaction, so you always know every detail of your expenses.

It is possible to add different tags to the same transaction, and finding it in various PayBooks or categories at the same time. However, to guarantee your financial transparency, the amounts of your transactions can’t be split or modified.


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