Is it essential to have a bank account to use Glass?

To use Glass, your personal finances app, it is not necessary to link your bank account to the app. You may manually create one or multiple accounts with the following features:

  •    Name: The name you want to assign to the account, for example ‘’Cash account”, “Credit card”, “Savings account”, “Liverpool card”, etc. Or any specific name you want.
  •    Initial balance: You may enter the amount the account will have at the moment you create it.
  •    Currency: Glass allows you to manage your accounts on any currency.
  •    Type of account: You may choose from a variety of options offered by Glass, such as ‘’Cash”, “Credit card”, “Savings”, etc.

Once you create your account, you must manually enter every transfer you may wish to be part of the registry. This way you will be able to manually manage your financial life using the Glass platform.

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